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Dentisti a Roma - Studio Di Caccamo APGR

Our dental practice in Rome includes a team of specialised dentists sharing the same expertise and values.

We believe that oral health is part of overall wellbeing. That’s why our commitment is to protect, preserve, and restore it as needed, shaping our clinical practices around this fundamental understanding.

We’ve learned this approach from Andrea Di Caccamo, the founder, who instilled in us the essence of the doctor’s role—a commitment to serving individuals with health needs.

Addressing these needs involves building a solid therapeutic alliance focused on clear communication, staying up-to-date with clinical advancements, and using cutting-edge technologies for personalised and sustainable care.

Don’t consult just one professional. With us, you can count on a team of dentists in Rome and dedicated professionals who prioritise your health, collaborating synergistically to achieve a wider goal: your holistic wellbeing. We combine our expertise to ensure the best personalised treatment. Your health is our mission. That’s why we work together to ensure remarkable and long-term results.

Dr. Andrea Di Caccamo

Periodontal and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Patrizia Di Caccamo


Dr. Giovanni Di Caccamo

Periodontology-Dental Implant Surgery-Orthodontics

Dr. Renato Di Caccamo

Implantology-Gnathology-Prosthetics - Surgery

La storia della famiglia di dentisti a Roma Di Caccamo

Over the years, Andrea’s solo dental clinic has expanded to meet the growing demand for care. Dr Andrea was supported by his intelligent and energetic wife, Francesca Vallonchini, a physician herself. Three of their five children – Patrizia, Giovanni, and Renato – followed in their father’s footsteps, taking on tasks aligned with their skills and preferences.

This family-oriented approach fostered calm and trust in patients, who felt listened to and welcomed, and contributed to a steady increase in requests due to the quality of the treatments and techniques employed.

Dentisti a Roma la storia della famiglia Di Caccamo

Over the years, our dental practice in Rome has welcomed skilled collaborators, each dedicated to employing the latest and most effective techniques and procedures in modern dentistry.

We are motivated to maintain our passion for our profession, providing our patients with the best care with due attention to economic sustainability.

Today, we’re like a big, extended family.

A family who has achieved an easy, but not that obvious, goal— working in synergy and with passion to improve the health of those who seek APGR attention.

Clean bowels for a healthy body and mind. The secret of your vitality.

Dr Roberto Barsi Internal Medicine - Proctology

Smiling is contagious. Take the first step.

Periodontology - Dental Implant Surgery-Orthodontics

Smile to life: where oral health and beauty meet

Dr Carmen Santilli Conservative Dentistry - Prosthetics - Implantology - Surgery

Take care of your pelvic floor and regain harmony with your femininity

Dr Ilaria Sceppacerca Internal Medicine - Obstetrics
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