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Invisible Orthodontics with Invisalign

Invisible orthodontics is an innovative technique that realigns teeth using invisible and removable aligners, correcting malocclusions or imperfections without the discomfort associated with traditional fixed braces.


These aligners are tailored to the patient’s needs using 3D digital imaging techniques. The patient can view the progress and the expected results through a computerised procedure.


Treatment times vary depending on the complexity of the case. Patients can know in advance the end of the treatment and view the teeth shifting into their position.

Aligners are:

  1. Invisible: they are not a source of embarrassment and do not impact your social life;
  2. Removable: they are easy to wear and can be removed whenever you want, allowing for optimal oral hygiene;
  3. Comfortable and easy to wear: they allow you to carry out any sports or recreational activity safely.

They don’t affect phonetics. Invisible orthodontics can be applied to teenagers and adults. Regaining a radiant smile at any age is no longer a problem!


Are the results of orthodontics stable over time?

As in traditional orthodontic treatment, there is a need for a maintenance phase in invisible orthodontics to prevent recurrences. APGR uses retainers made with a thermoplastic material resistant to deformation. These retainers can ensure effective and longer-lasting restraint.

How often should aligners be changed?

Every aligner must be worn for two weeks and, millimetre by millimetre, teeth will shift until they reach the desired position. The treatment lasts as long as a traditional one. Regular check-ups are required to monitor the progress.

I don’t have crooked teeth, but I’d like my smile to be more harmonious.

Transparent aligners ensure maximum comfort and minimum invasiveness. They can be applied to patients of any age, even to solve minor imperfections.

Is there a way to make impressions without using pastes?

Thanks to digital impressions, we avoid using pastes for bridges and crowns. Optical impressions involve scanning the oral cavity and converting the tooth into a digital image that serves as a template for the aligners.

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