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Gnathology studies the correct configuration of the temporomandibular joints, masticatory muscles and body posture—key elements for the correct functioning of the oral cavity.

Specifically, it focuses on diagnosing and treating disorders involving temporomandibular joints (TMJ dysfunctions) affecting the way one opens and closes the mouth.

Poor occlusion caused by old, incongruous prosthetic treatments, sleep disorders such as bruxism, clenching and grinding, and vicious jaw habits such as chewing on nails and objects are some of the most common factors.

These disorders often come with pain in the muscles used for chewing and the joints connecting the skull and jaw. People affected may experience difficulty in fully opening their mouths and may notice noises, such as clicking or popping, during jaw movements.

After in-depth examination, our gnathologist will indicate the appropriate solution and measures to take to solve these problems. If necessary, they can suggest a custom-made splint after taking an impression or propose a specific orthodontic or prosthetic therapy based on the individual’s needs.


When is a visit to the gnathologist recommended?

Pain in the frontal ear area, muscles, or joints, along with joint noise, difficulty in opening the mouth, headaches, and pain during chewing are all signs that indicate that a visit to the gnathologist is necessary.

I frequently have toothache. Could it be due to bruxism?

Yes, patients are often unaware because it occurs while they are asleep, or if it happens during the day, it’s subconscious. It is frequent in anxious, hyper-excitable patients, and when sleep is disturbed.
If bruxism occurs regularly, it can cause micro-lesions to the dental enamel, making the gnathologist’s intervention necessary. We recommend a check-up visit.

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