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I experienced facial trauma, and one of my front teeth broke. What should I do?

Call your dentist to schedule an emergency appointment. In the meantime, if you’ve retrieved the broken tooth fragment, place it in a small container with cold milk or your saliva. This way, the dentist can use the fragment to reconstruct your tooth.

My gums are bleeding. What should I do?

While waiting to see a dentist, be sure to brush your teeth 3 times a day, even if you notice bleeding. Follow up with a mouthwash containing essential oils for thorough oral care. Following an accurate diagnosis, you will be directed to your designated hygienist, who will perform a professional hygiene session and provide personalised advice for your at-home care.

I'm experiencing toothache and swollen gums or face. What should I do?

It’s most likely an abscess, i.e. a localised infection in a tooth or its supporting tissues. This infection can have many causes, so getting the correct diagnosis is crucial before beginning any treatment. Schedule an appointment with the dentist immediately, and don’t take any medication without consulting them.

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