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Why is it so important to have straight teeth?

Why is orthodontic treatment so important to correct crooked teeth?

Straight teeth prevent some conditions:

  1. Caries and gum diseases

    Crooked teeth create spaces that are challenging to clean with regular oral hygiene routines, leading to the accumulation of plaque and tartar in these areas. As a result, the risk of caries and periodontal disease increases considerably.

  2. Malocclusions and mastication anomalies

    Malocclusion compromises masticatory performance and can damage teeth (abrasion, mobility) and temporomandibular joints due to excessive stress. Excessive stress on masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints can result in various issues, including facial pain, headaches, buzzing sensations, muscular tension, and postural defects in the spinal column, often referred to as Descending Syndromes.

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