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Oral hygiene and prevention are two interrelated steps that contribute to the patient’s health. The first phase – professional oral hygiene – takes place in the dentist’s office, whereas the second phase is performed by the patient at home.

Active collaboration between patient and practitioner is crucial. Without it, the oral hygiene becomes difficult to achieve and maintain over time.

That’s why our first oral hygiene session includes a personalised de-scaling procedure and a motivation session, where we explain how to use hygiene tools at home.

Home oral hygiene is essential to remove bacteria and food residues from teeth. Plaque and tartar can lead to caries and gum inflammation if not constantly removed with a toothbrush and floss. If neglected, damage can worsen to the point of causing irreversible problems such as periodontitis.


Which toothbrush should I choose to maintain oral hygiene at home?

During the professional oral hygiene session, our doctors can recommend the most suitable toothbrush and other home oral hygiene tools tailored to your needs. For example, for sensitive gums, we recommend a traditional soft toothbrush or an electric one with specific features.

When should I start my children’s oral hygiene?

Establishing a proper approach to oral health and hygiene from the beginning is crucial for children. They should be educated and accustomed to caring for their teeth right from the start. The first session with the pedodontist should be planned around the age of 3 or 4. It’s generally a quick, non-invasive check-up. From that moment, the pedodontist will monitor the child's growth every 6 months and recommend any necessary treatments.

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